Oil and Water Filtration Solutions for Industry

Developing some of the world's most advanced Industrial Filtration Products.

We have evolved our products, expertise and advanced filtration technology into particulate, vapour/air and water filtration solutions, helping our customers comply with legislation and meet their corporate and social responsibilities for a clearer and cleaner environment.

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Innovation that filters through

    • silexa sorb
    • Ideal for liquid spillages
    • Oil selective (hydrophobic, oleophilic)
    • Non-flammable
    • silexa pillows
    • Highly absorbent
    • Used on larger spillages and leaks
    • Suited for marine/water environments
    • silexa socks
    • For any maintenance/spillage
    • Absorb up to 1.98kg of liquid
    • Ideal for restricted access
    • silexa carbon
    • High quality activated granular carbons
    • FSC approved sustainable source
    • Large quantities in stock

Latest videos

  • Manufacturing process

    An inside look at the manufacturing process behind our revolutionary Silexa™ Filtration Media.

    • CAD Software Material Cutting
    • Quality Checking
    • Media Manufacturing
    • Precise Carbon Filtering
    • Global Distribution
  • SILEXA™ Swirl Test

    SILEXA™ Filtration Media - Swirl Test. This video demonstrates SILEXA™'s amazing ability to absorb oil that has become mixed with water under laboratory conditions.

  • SILEXA™ Flammability Test

    A demonstration of SILEXA™ Media compared to a Polypropylene alternative. Equal amounts of accelerant are added and lit. The test clearly demonstrates SILEXA™'s noncombustible nature and the advantage of using it in volatile areas. Which one would you choose to be around?