Nurturing innovation is one of the essential elements of Bowman’s success. We are continually adopting and adapting the latest techniques and new technologies, creating new concepts and prototypes and then evolving commercially viable products.

Ongoing research and development has made us market leaders in filtration and, in a world of constant change, our pursuit of absolute perfection will never end. Bowman's long term investment plans for R & D will ensure current products advance, and new exciting concepts are introduced into our product range.

Our technical centre is not only used for the advancement of Bowman products. We have working partnerships with other businesses who utilise our facility for their filtration product development. We provide them with prototyping, design, tooling, manufacture, and testing services as well as ongoing technical support. From initial concept we take into account the environmental impact of our products, using sustainable and recycled materials where suitable, sourcing materials locally, reducing our manufacturing carbon footprint, making our filtration solutions and products as green as possible.

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See the results of our R&D in our SILEXA™ Range:

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