• Manufacturing Process

    An inside look at the manufacturing process behind our revolutionary Silexa™ Filtration Media.

    • CADCAM Material Cutting
    • Quality Checking
    • Media Manufacturing
    • Precise Carbon Filtering
    • Global Distribution
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  • SILEXA™ Swirl Test

    SILEXA™ Filtration Media - Swirl Test. This video demonstrates SILEXA™'s amazing ability to absorb oil that has become mixed with water under laboratory conditions.

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  • SILEXA™ Flammability Test

    A demonstration of SILEXA™ Media compared to a Polypropylene alternative. Equal amounts of accelerant are added and lit. The test clearly demonstrates SILEXA™'s noncombustible nature and the advantage of using it in volatile areas. Which one would you choose to be around?

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  • SILEXA™ Spill Test

    Watch this demonstration of how a small amount of Silexa absorbent material effortlessly clears a diesel spill on our lab floor.

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  • Oil removal from water using 'Loose' Silexa™

    A demonstration of how SILEXA™ Filter Media separates oil from water that has been mechanically mixed to form an emulsion/stable solution i.e. the oil is contained within the water and would normally be hard to separate.

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  • SILEXA™ - Real time absorbency of diesel mixed with water

    This short video demonstrates SILEXA™ Filter Media's 'real time' absorbency of red diesel oil mixed with water. After a single pass through the filtration material - water is 99.9% clean.

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  • SILEXA™ - Buoyancy Test

    This short video demonstrates the incredible buoyancy of our SILEXA Media in water. After 24 hours none of the material has sunk or absorbed any of the water in the beaker.

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  • Neat SILEXA™ - Demonstration of oil absorbency

    This short Video shows how neat SILEXA™ absorbs oil from water due to its incredible hydrophobic (water repellent) properties.

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  • Bowman Stor Ltd. R&D Department

    At Bowman's In-house Research & Development facility we are constantly improving and developing new filtration and absorbent materials for ourselves and our customers.

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